Seniorcare Academy was built by, the most inclusive, up-to-date, senior services directory online.

Since our inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a clean, user friendly directory that speaks to those looking for direct contact information for verified senior care facilities across the country…with no middle men or call centers.

During this time we discovered something.  We learned that there was a distinct need for users who wanted to learn more about the senior care industry itself.  We found that searchers wanted more info about the different levels of care, how to proceed with finding a facility and even phsychological/philosophical concerns within the process.

SeniorCare Academy was created to fill this need and, just like our tirelessly curated directory, we aim to continually grow the academy to help as many people as we can for many years to come.

We harness the best, verified senior care consultants, facility managers, registered nurses, eldercare lawyers and long term financial planners from around the country.  Their expertise is our backbone.

The goal of Seniorcare Academy is to demystify senior care options and help people find assurance that we are here to help.